Yvonne studied at the National School of The Arts and has managed her own fine arts, paint techniques and murals business since 1996. Her work covers home and business applications such as: Walls, Ceilings, Floors, Signage, Pillars, Murals, Furniture, Children's Rooms, Paintings, Portraits, Kitchens, Workshops and other decor enhancements.

Yvonne's skills have led her to work closely with the likes of Peter Stockhammer , Mazz Moriarty and Lynn Lello, for clients such as Graca Michel Mandela, a Middle-Eastern Sheik and in countries as far off as Botswana, Brazil and Dubai.

Yvonne's keen eye for style and her personal technique, adds value to any home or office, and is as unique as the client who commissions the work.

For a free consultation, Click to call +27 83 249 9426.

What Yvonne offers: